New life is heartwarming, beautiful and unique. 

The first days, weeks and months bring so much change, so many firsts and so many visitors! 

Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and bring some calm to your routine. Through your reassuring and loving touch you can encourage movement and development and soothe a range of newborn niggles. Massage has a range of benefits for both mum and baby and it is a lovely way to involve your partner or family in the bonding process, particularly if you have other children. Alternatively, some parents feel baby massage is a way to dedicate time to their new arrival away from the demands of older children and a hectic family routine.

Psychological and physiological benefits of baby massage for baby:


  • dedicated bonding time with their parent(s) - especially important if there are other children in the household.

  • makes baby feel loved, safe and secure.

  • encourages alertness and coordination, broadens range of movement and improves flexibility and strength.

  • stimulates brain development and encourages communication skills.

  • soothes and reassures at fractious times.

  • induces more restful sleep.

  • targets symptoms of colic including tummy discomfort, excess / trapped wind and constipation.

  • supports and strengthens the digestive system.

  • stimulates circulation, the immune and the lymphatic systems, improving body function and removing waste.


I currently offer one to one sessions for baby massage which can take place in the comfort of your own home or in my home therapy room.

They provide a more intimate bonding experience and opportunity to include a partner, other children or family members and are a great way to encourage confidence handling the baby.


Older children can receive and learn techniques themselves, which can be a great way to nurture the sibling bond and ease any jealous tendencies.

Bonding is important for all family members.