Unconditional love and complete madness all rolled into one. 

Whilst it largely revolves around a baby being born and families expanding to welcome a new member, there is so much more to pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother.

Despite a wonderfully positive birth, my own entrance into motherhood was less than smooth and certainly not as Instagram worthy as I'd imagined. I passed the legendary three month mark feeling about the same as I did at three days! But as the fog finally began to clear, I was left with an overwhelming need to help others experience it more positively and in doing so, it has helped me to make my peace with any frustrations or regrets in my own version of becoming mum and to appreciate the small wins, the love and the laughter that comes with it.

My pregnancy and postnatal treatments are all approached with sensitivity, empathy and a genuine understanding of the position my clients are in. I hope to provide an environment in which they feel comfortable, able to relax and unwind and leave feeling uplifted. I always feel so honoured to be invited to share a small part of their journey into motherhood with them.   

All of this underpins my hands on treatments but I am aware that I can only offer my clients so much. I truly believe in taking a holistic approach to my work and this involves signposting my clients to other therapists, services and business that may have something to offer them, to improve their quality of life and to support them along their motherhood journey. 

If you are an expectant or new parent and would like to know more , please feel free to join my Facebook group where I work in collaboration with The Northern Birthing School and Sarah Smith-Sergeant Yoga to talk all things wellbeing: during pregnancy, leading up to and throughout the birth and in the postpartum period once baby has arrived.

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