I'm Jemma, the hands behind Jemma Wootton Massage.

I balance running my business with being mum to my little girl.

Following a busy career in the events industry, I made the decision to take a step back and find a way to turn my passion for massage and wellbeing into my sole focus.


After completing my diploma in body massage, anatomy and

physiology, I took my training a step further to include pregnancy and postnatal massage. This was inspired by my desire to learn more about the incredible maternity process and was further reinforced by my own journey into motherhood. I am also a qualified baby massage instructor and relish the time I spend watching other mums and their little ones bond, develop and grow.


As a massage therapist, I work with the body to restore balance and maintain natural health, strength and wellbeing. I advocate massage, and other forms of therapy, as ways to prevent illness, chronic conditions and life-affecting symptoms from occurring and I prioritise the comfort and wellbeing of my clients, encouraging them to relax and let go, making the most of their treatment time and leaving the work to me. 

I take a holistic approach to my work, meaning I take the whole person into account and appreciate that pain, discomfort or other physical issues may be part of a bigger picture. I also understand the impact such symptoms can have on mental health as well as the physical impact mental health can have on the body. I invite my clients to share anything they feel is relevant and I endeavour to signpost my clients to relevant information, services, medical practitioners or therapists, where I feel the expertise of others could help. I collaborate with a number of other professionals in the local area and believe by working together, we can help to keep people well and able to enjoy life.

Aftercare is an important aspect of massage therapy to ensure clients receive the full benefit of each treatment and I endeavour to practise what I preach in terms of self care, wellbeing and maintaining a positive mindset as a good example to my clients, my family and my friends.