I am in complete awe of how the human body can create, grow, nourish, and deliver a brand new tiny human into the world. The physiological and emotional impact is huge and while it is incredibly impressive that it works so well, the effects on the body cannot be underestimated. 


Rest and recovery are absolutely vital for the body and for the mind.

Many new mums feel like there is no spare time to take care of themselves. This is, in fact, one of the most important things they can do as a new mum. Taking some time away from the demanding needs of a newborn baby can relax the body and mind, and let go of some of the tension that, when built up, can bring with it fatigue, stress, a lack of enjoyment of their baby and in some cases, postnatal anxiety and/or depression. Massage therapy is an excellent way to support the body and mind at the same time and to leave the new mum feeling like some of her basic needs have been met and her energy levels boosted. 

Physiological and psychological benefits of postnatal massage include:


  • increases circulation and improves lymphatic flow, boosting organ function and energy flow to aid rejuvenation of the body.

  • reduces muscle tension which can support abdominal and pelvic floor toning.

  • boosts metabolism which can slow down during pregnancy.

  • helps to encourage muscular and structural realignment after pregnancy. 

  • can help to ease after pains from labour and birth. 

  • promotes a feeling of wellbeing after the impact of pregnancy and birth and supports long-term physical and emotional health.

  • helps to soothe tension and relax the body and mind which may help to prevent the onset of postnatal depression.

  • allows the new mother to relax and feel supported with the emotional demands of motherhood.

  • can help to promote sleep, easing fatigue.

Postnatal massage can begin anytime after the birth, but is individual to each mother. Following any complications or severe blood loss during the birth, treatment may be safer following the six week GP check or sign off from a medical professional. This will be discussed with each client individually. 

Appointments include a consultation to check the client’s current state of health and to identify anything that may need to shape the treatment plan or that may prevent treatment being received, as well as aftercare advice. Treatments can be carried out in a lying down position but adjustments may be required to allow for any discomfort the mother may be experiencing, breastfeeding or other pains or postural issues. 


45 Minutes

60 Minutes

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Please note these prices are for treatments in my therapy space in Penwortham.

I am currently unable to offer mobile treatments due to Covid-19 restrictions.