Massage is all about the healing power of touch.

For thousands of years, touch has been an instinctive and natural response to pain and discomfort. When we are young, our parents use touch to make bumps and scrapes better, to soothe us when we are unwell and to show us that we are loved. Touch is powerful on many levels.

As grown ups, we can still reap the many incredible benefits of touch and massage is a wonderfully relaxing way to help heal our bodies and keep us well. Swedish massage is the most common form of massage available in the western world, despite the variety of traditions and techniques in other cultures. It can bring instant relief as well as long term healing.

It boosts essential functions, improves skin tone, promotes flow of blood and removal of waste, helping our organs to keep us in good health. 

Massage has also found its place in many parts of the world as a complementary therapy for those suffering the effects of low mood, anxiety and depression. Whilst not a medical treatment, massage is often recommended by health professionals to bring deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Physiological and psychological benefits of Swedish massage include:

  • improves circulation, boosting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues.

  • improves lymphatic flow, which helps to remove waste products from the body.

  • relaxes skeletal muscles, reducing tension and encouraging good posture. 

  • clears nerve pathways, relieving nerve compression and associated pain.

  • helps to soothe tension and relax the body, reducing aches, pains and stress on joints.

  • targets muscle cramps and spasms.

  • helps to maintain muscle tone.

  • energises the mind and body. 

Massage should benefit the body and be safe and enjoyable. There are some situations where it is not suitable for the client. If there are any contraindications to treatment, GP approval may be required or treatment may be postponed until a suitable time. This will be discussed individually with each client when booking. 

Swedish massage is typically performed on a massage couch, with the client lying on their front and back in turn, to ensure all areas of the body can be reached. A typical full body massage will cover the back, neck and shoulders, the arms and hands, legs and feet and can also include the head, face and stomach. A consultation is always carried out to ensure each treatment is specific to the client and their level of comfort and that it suits their purpose for booking a massage.


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Please note these prices are for treatments in my therapy space in Penwortham.

I am unable to offer mobile treatments.